Quickly Detect and Measure Dangerous CO Gases

SENSORCON Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection Products
MADE IN USA - Sensorcon products are rugged and professional grade instruments for HVAC Service Technicians, Home Inspectors, Fire Departments, Indoor Air Quality Professionals, First Responders, Fire Marshals and Code Inspectors.

Using advanced electrochemical sensor technology, Sensorcon detection products are fast and accurate for both detecting and measuring carbon monoxide levels. With the popularity of petroleumbased building materials escaliting the risk of carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning in firefighting, it is crucial to get the best!.

The Inspector Basic has only two types of alarms (visual, and audible), while both the industrial and pro offer a vibrating function as well. Two top tier models are certified intrinsically safe. Inspector Industrial Pro version also allows the user to adjust the alarm set points for lower/higher alarm notifications and has a TWA (Time Weighted Average) feature as well. Sensorcon meters are Made In USA, offering more functionality, real-time readings and better accuracy than many of our competitors at a lower cost!

Waldom Electronics is an authorized master distributor for Molex, LLC. Waldom sells exclusively to distributors; Waldom never sells to OEMs or to end-users.

  • RedArrowEngineered and manufactured in the USA
  • RedArrowRugged and waterproof
  • RedArrowWide display range from 0 - 1999 ppm
  • RedArrowFast response time
  • RedArrowBoth visual and audible alarms
  • RedArrowLong 2-year battery life
  • RedArrowRugged construction
  • RedArrowHandheld, clip-on or easily attach to lanyard
  • RedArrowSimple and intuitive operation
  • RedArrowOptional hand operated sample pump for
          flue gas testing
  • RedArrowComplete accessory kits available
  • RedArrow100% satisfaction guarantee
Sensorcon CO Inspector Basic

Sensorcon CO Inspector Industrial

Sensorcon CO Inspector Industrial Pro
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