The 3 to 1 Excess Management Program allows for Distributors to send their excess to Waldom, and in return, receive a credit balance which can be used on broad range of Waldom stocked product.

The Program

One challenge that distributors frequently encounter is slow moving parts that they cannot sell. At Waldom we are focused on providing a flexible return process for your excess inventory.

Any excess that you have purchased from the supplier can be returned directly to Waldom. Once the product is received and checked, we will immediately issue a credit balance. This credit can be used to place offsetting orders from Waldom at 3 times the value of your excess stock.

The Process
Our Excess Management program will replace your excess and slow moving inventory with high running, easy-to-sell product.


Waldom will take excess and slow-moving inventory off your shelves. We will quality check the parts and create a credit balance for the value of components.


You will use this credit on a broad range of Waldom stock with low MOQs at competitive pricing.


Waldom will be keeping inventory in authorized channels, preventing leakage to the grey market, with Waldom’s price book integrity model preventing price erosion.

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