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A8GS and A8GS-T Delay OFF Rocker Switches  Back to top

The A8GS and A8GS-T are widely used as the main power ON/OFF switch in various applications such as printing devices, FA devices, measuring devices and electronic music instruments.

A8GS Models:

  • One of the smallest remote reset rocker switches in its size class in the industry
  • Zero standby power by Reset function
  • Model variation of micro load and high capacity combination (DPST)
  • Has the ability to operate micro load and high capacity load at the same time
  • Contact gap of 3 mm minimum
A8GS-T Models:
  • One of the smallest remote reset rocker switches with delay off function in its size class in the industry
  • Delay OFF function - Switch is kept in the ON position, even if button is operated to turn OFF; switch is turned OFF by external signal.
  • Zero standby power with Reset function, switching OFF by external signal
  • Prevents application trouble such as a data loss or circuit damage by forced power OFF
  • Timing control of main power used to turn switch OFF for safety application designs with delay OFF function

XF3H-AR FPC Connectors  Back to top

Omron’s newly redesigned XF3H-AR series replacing the existing XF3H-A series, offers a direct solution to competitive products. These connectors are perfect for use in medical devices, home appliances, thermostat control, and energy meters among many other applications.

D6F-PH MEMS Differential Pressure Sensors  Back to top

A compact, high-accuracy differential pressure sensor using proprietary Omron mass flow MEMs chip technology for superior resistance to environments.

Available in three models, each rated for a specific pressure range:

  • D6F-PH0025AD1 (0 to 250 Pa)
  • D6F-PH0505AD3 (-50 to +50 Pa)
  • D6F-PH5050AD3 (-500 to +500 Pa)

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D6T Thermal IR MEMS Sensors  Back to top

Stocking now! The Omron D6T Thermal IR MEMS Sensors are super-sensitive infrared temperature sensors that make full use of Omron’s proprietary MEMS sensing technology. Unlike typical sensors that rely on motion detection, the D6T thermal sensor can detect the presence of stationary humans by detecting body heat. These sensors are optimal for energy-saving household appliances, security systems, and irregular temperature detection in factory automation.

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G9EN-1 DC Power Relays  Back to top

The world’s smallest and lightest high capacity DC power relays of its class. The relay is 50% smaller and lighter than our previous comparable relays thanks to the use of newly developed proprietary sealing technologies and new magnetic control methods. This innovative relay enables DC load interruption at high voltage and current.

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G9EJ DC Power Relays  Back to top

Used in conjunction with the G9EN-1 as a pre-charge relay which is used to bleed off capacitive surge before entering the main G9EN-1. Target applications for the G9E include: environmentally friendly clean energy vehicles, solar power systems, fuel cell cogeneration systems, and battery management.


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