Waldom Product Recovery Program®

The Waldom Product Recovery Program® directs authorized distributor scrap allowances and stock rotations to our secure warehouse where product is thoroughly screened for proper labeling, traceability, packaging and date code compliance – all at no cost to the supplier. Price integrity is maintained through a cost-plus pricing strategy developed in collaboration with each supplier, eliminating price erosion that would otherwise undercut the authorized channel. Waldom even pays the freight for returning product to our secure warehouse.

Waldom’s network of thousands of customers ensures that recovery product is exposed to the widest possible customer base. The recovered value is shared equally with participating suppliers and the entire process is fully transparent by way of a private extranet customized to each supplier.

For more information about this program, please email us at programs@waldom.com or call your Regional Waldom Sales Office and ask to speak to a Program Manager.

Program Highlights

  • Prevents product from entering the grey market
  • Recovers value from product that would otherwise be scrapped
  • Price integrity – maintains channel resale
  • Fully transparent process

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