Waldom Electronics is an authorized master distributor of brand-name electronic components selling exclusively to distributors.Waldom is a safe-haven for our customers with our Drop Ship with Confidence program as a testament to our commitment to remain a neutral partner . Our commitment to cost-plus pricing enhances market resale of our wide inventory, which ranges from the most popular “A and B” items to slower-moving “C and D” items that our distributors often find challenging to stock. Our Vanishing MOQs program allows the purchase of just a single item – at reasonable price points – even where a supplier minimum is thousands of pieces. Waldom assists with supplier new product introduction, allowing our customers to support the latest new products from our inventory. Our Engineering Kits Now program helps our customers get supplier design and MRO kits into the hands of end-users, and Waldom’s Mini-Reel and Mini-Pack options are ideal for distributors assisting their customers with pre-production and prototype quantities. Waldom supports its distributors with same-day shipments and low order minimums.

Waldom Electronics - Your Supply Chain Advantage ®

Waldom Electronics serves its supplier partners and distributor customers from one of the widest selections of inventory in the industry, providing programs and services that increase sales and market share, reduce suppliers’ cost-to-serve, expand markets, and recover value on slow moving, excess and end-of-life product.

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