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The Solution 

Long tail parts make up 80% of Manufacturers’ products but only 20% of total sales. These parts are typically manufactured in small quantities and result in higher set-up and transactional costs for the Manufacturer, due to inconsistent demand.

To overcome this challenge, Waldom will purchase these long tail parts from the Manufacturer once per year, ensuring that 12 months of inventory is always available for immediate shipment to the Distributor. This will decrease the frequency of your manufacturing runs and reduce your costs, while maintaining availability for your Distributors.


The Benefits

Take advantage of our Long Tail Fulfillment solution and reap the following benefits:

Reduce Costs

By consolidating manufacturing runs, overall set up and manufacturing costs will be reduced

Increase Capacity

Products run less frequently, freeing up manufacturing capacity for high running parts

Customer Satisfaction

Waldom ensures low MOQs and immediate availability

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