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The Solution

We all want to be able to offer our customers the broadest selection of products possible. However, meeting the high Manufacturer MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) can be costly, and if you cannot sell all the product, you end up with wasted capital and excess inventory. This makes diversifying your product portfolio extremely risky.

Waldom is committed to solving this challenge by making high MOQ product more accessible to Distributors. We do this by purchasing the product from the Manufacturer, and offering it to you at smaller MOQs. This allows you to expand your product offering with minimal investment and reduced risk.

For those who would like more guidance on which products to invest in, we can also propose a package of recommended parts, based on channel consumption. These packages will be high mix and low volume, meaning you will receive a wide breadth of parts in small quantities.


The Benefits

Take advantage of our MOQ Reduction solution and reap the following benefits:

Grow Sales

Gain a competitive advantage, by offering your customers a broad selection of new products

Reduce Costs

Our low MOQs mean you can step into new products with minimal investment

Minimize Risk

Buy the exact quantity you need, reducing the risk of excess inventory

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