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The Solution

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are important for Manufacturers to cover production costs and maintain profitability. However, sometimes these MOQs can be a challenge for Distributors, as they can increase their risk of excess inventory and reduce valuable shelf space. This can make Distributors reluctant to make further purchases, causing them to source the product elsewhere.

Waldom will solve this problem by making high MOQ products more accessible to Distributors. We will do this by purchasing your product at your factory MOQs, and reselling it to your Distributors at reduced MOQs. Our minimum line value will be as low as $50, allowing them to purchase the exact quantity they need.


The Benefits

Take advantage of our MOQ Reduction solution and reap the following benefits:

Cost Effective Manufacturing

Maintain the MOQs required to ensure profitability

Grow Sales

Increasing accessibility to high MOQ parts leads to increased sales

Customer Satisfaction

Your Distributors will be able to purchase the exact quantity they need, and reduce their risk of excess

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