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The Solution

As your network of Distributors expands, it can be a challenge to keep on top of the growing demands. New markets and new customers can create increases in volume that can intensify the complexity of your operations. If not managed successfully, growing distribution networks can lead to inefficient operations and falling levels of customer service.

Let Waldom take care of your Distributor accounts which have become difficult to manage. We will service the day to day needs of these Distributors, providing customer service, demand fulfilment and accounts receivable. This will allow you to reduce your operational costs, while maintaining sales and market share. This will also provide you with the opportunity to expand into new geographies and markets, without the expense of building your sales team.


The Benefits

Take advantage of our Network Rationalization solution and reap the following benefits:

Reduce Costs

Customer service, operations and logistics are coordinated through Waldom

Grow Sales

Expand into new geographies and markets without the expense of building your sales team

Customer Satisfaction

Waldom will provide distributors with exceptional sales support, low MOQs and immediate availability  

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