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The Solution

Are your distributors interested in NPIs, but skeptical to invest in all of your new products? Or are you dealing with a high return rate on your NPI packages? 

In many cases, your distributors are eager to invest in your NPIs, but there are cases when some distributors may be reluctant. With Waldom, you can overcome the skepticism and reluctance of your distributors when it comes to investing in NPIs.   

How does it work? We stock your NPIs as soon as they hit the market and make them available to your distributors at reduced Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). This means that your distributors can access and try out these new products with their customers, without the burden of significant financial commitments. 

By allowing distributors to purchase in smaller quantities, the need for 100% Return Rights becomes unnecessary. This, in turn, helps you avoid the costs incurred from returns, saving you valuable time and resources. 



The Benefits

Take advantage of our NPI solution and reap the following benefits:

Grow Sales

NPIs are available to your distributors at low MOQs, ready for immediate delivery

Reduce Risks

Reduce the risks associated with 100% Return Rights

Increase Manufacturing Efficiency 

Run larger batches less frequently, reducing manufacturing costs

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