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Executive Interview Series Featuring: Frank Cantwell, VP of Product and Supplier Management, RS Americas


Frank Cantwell, Vice President of Product and Supplier Management for RS Americas, recently sat down for an exclusive and candid interview with Waldom’s very own Chris Fetner, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Frank provided a compelling story of how their relationship with Waldom has evolved from an opportunistic to a global strategic partnership of over 15 years. By leveraging Waldom’s Master Distribution Model and Distributor Solutions, RS has been able to successfully navigate critical supply chain disruptions.

Waldom’s unique value-add solutions has proven successful for RS, addressing various challenges such as managing excess inventory, enhancing product availability for hard-to-stock items, and reducing minimum order quantities (MOQs). Frank highlights Waldom’s crucial role in RS’ supply chain operations, delivering value and flexibility to the organization by enhancing profitability, competitiveness, and responsiveness to market demands.