Waldom’s EMOQ program offers suppliers the opportunity to align manufacturing efficiencies with market needs. Suppliers have the opportunity to publish higher MOQs and consolidate large orders through Waldom. This allows suppliers to make larger production runs, reduce costly set-up fees, and avoid holding inventory to support channel sales. Waldom offers less than MOQ quantities at price points only slightly above distributor cost. This program is viable for all part numbers, but is especially valuable for less frequently produced and more challenging to stock “C & D” items.

For more information about this program, please email us at programs@waldom.com or call your Regional Waldom Sales Office and ask to speak to a Program Manager.

Program Highlights

  • Align supplier MOQ to efficient manufacturing quantity
  • Eliminates frequent manufacturing set-ups and batch runs
  • Reduces supplier inventories and carrying costs
  • Ideal for less frequently produced “C & D” Items

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