Factory Excess

Excess supplier stock is typically exposed to the same limited network of distributors and end customers, but with Waldom’s Factory Excess program excess factory stock is promoted beyond the supplier’s normal channel to Waldom’s global network of thousands of distributors. The recovered value is shared equally with the participating supplier. Waldom takes delivery of the product into its secure warehouse so that same-day shipment can be made as needed to support end-user needs and, should product in the program become aged and not recommended for production use, Waldom follows established supplier disposition guidelines to clear product from the program.

For more information about this program, please email us at programs@waldom.com or call your Regional Waldom Sales Office and ask to speak to a Program Manager.

Program Highlights

  • Provides a solution for production overruns
  • Enhances return on invested capital (ROIC) metrics
  • Recovers value for excess factory stock
  • Exposes factory stock beyond supplier’s traditional channel
  • Disposition guidelines followed for product aged in the program

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